Professional Fence Installation in Houston

Rojas Fencing is the top Houston fence company in the city. Not only do we have excellent customer service we also uses the highest quality materials for all of our fence and gate installations. Whether you are looking for a wooden fence, vinyl fence, wrought iron fence, or chain link fence, our team can help you.

Why Add A Fence?

Homeowners install or potential home buyers cite the need for a fenced-off house to:

  • Create a private space far from the eyes of prying neighbors.
  • Ensure children and pets do not run or wander off into the street or neighborhood.
  • Protect your lawn or property from wild animals in outlying areas.
  • Give your house visual appeal.
  • Demarcate your property’s boundaries.
  • Enhance curb appeal.
  • Section off parts of your house.
  • Block out unsightly sights.
  • Neighborhood trends or HOA may dictate the need for uniformity as this extends to fences.
  • An unfenced in a largely fenced-off neighborhood would be an eyesore and would attract unwanted attention in terms of privacy and security not to mention the ire of the neighbors.
  • Reduce noise along highways and railways by as much as 60- 80%.
  • Enclose a swimming pool as per regulations.

Things To Consider When Installing A Fence

Installing a fence entails continuous maintenance through the years to extend the longevity of the fence. It is a cost you must factor in and be prepared to bear. Another factor is that your neighbor may not consent to the installation of the fence resulting in arguments and squabbles.

A fence may also hide your landscaped garden which you are proud to show off. If you reside in a wooded or rural area, a fence may injure animals trying to pass through and may be more of a liability.

The location of your home and the regional climatic conditions may also affect the materials you use. Another factor to consider is the warranty period being offered by the contractor.


Affordable Fencing Installation Near Me

Are you a home or business owner that is looking to add security, value, and privacy to your property? If so, having a professional fence installed may be the exact solution for your needs. The team at Rojas Fencing offers the highest quality fencing services in the Greater Houston area.

We keep our pricing competitive without ever sacrificing the outcome of our completed fencing projects. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your total satisfaction. Reach out to our team today to learn more about your fencing installation and fence repair options and to begin the process of having a fence installed on your property.


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