What Is The Longest Lasting Fencing Material?

While well maintained, treated wood fences may be able to give you 20 years, vinyl fences require the least amount of maintenance and can easily last for up to 40 years. This is why many individuals choose to build vinyl coated fences above other fence options such as metal fences, aluminum fences, steel fences, chain link fences, and wrought iron fences.


Reasons To Choose A Vinyl

There are many perks to choosing this type of fence for your residential or commercial space. The spruce shares some insight below to the perks of using vinyl fencing on your property:

Vinyl Fencing Cost

The average cost for a vinyl fence in the U.S. varies and is dependent on size, height and current cost of materials. Labor costs will also vary.

Some add-ons that will raise the price include fence post caps, texturing, lattice effects, and gates. Plus, the thickness of the material itself will affect the price. Cheap vinyl fences generally are thin and can easily be dented or otherwise damaged. It’s typically worth splurging on a thicker vinyl for a stable fence that requires less maintenance over time. If you want to save money, go with a simple design rather than a lower-quality material.

Maintenance and Repair

Vinyl fences are typically very easy to maintain. They don’t ever require painting or staining, their surface doesn’t scratch easily, and they’re easy to clean. Vinyl is nonporous, so if your fence ever gets dirty you can just spray it with a hose to clean the surface. It’s also a great product if you have pets or kids, as you won’t have to worry about splinters like you do with a wood fence.

Occasionally algae, mold, or mildew will start to grow on a vinyl fence, especially if the fence sits near a sprinkler that keeps the area damp.1 But it’s typically not difficult to clean off this staining. Simply hose your fence to clean the majority of the stain, and then scrub it down with a solution of water and dish soap. Rinse the fence with your hose, and the stain should be gone.

Repairs can be a bit tricky with a vinyl fence, though they shouldn’t be a common occurrence with this sturdy material. If a part of the fence ever breaks, you might have to replace the whole fence panel depending on how the pieces fit together. With a wood fence you typically can just replace one broken board or post instead of the entire panel. The cost of repairs widely varies depending on what’s damaged.


Vinyl fences come in many designs. You can get tall privacy fences with the slats close together to block sight lines. There are also various types of picket styles with slats that are more spaced out. You’re also able to add accents, such as lattice at the top of the fence, a scalloped top, or decorative post caps. There are even vinyl fences designed to look like ornamental iron fences with narrow, rounded slats that have pointed tops. Most people opt for a fence in the 4- to 6-foot range, though there generally are taller and shorter options available. Check for local restrictions before planning your project, as regulations surrounding residential fencing are common.

Vinyl fencing typically comes in several color choices. There are neutrals, such as white, tan, brown, gray, and black. And some styles come in bolder colors, such as green, blue, and red. In addition, the vinyl often can be textured to look like other materials, including natural wood and stucco.

Vinyl fencing can be installed anywhere you need to segment off a portion of your yard. For instance, you can use a tall fence for security and privacy around your backyard. Or you can put one around a pool for safety. Plus, you can use short vinyl fencing around garden beds or other parts of your lawn that you want to accent.


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