A common question home and business owners have when it comes to their fencing is why gaps may appear under certain posts. Your property is unlikely to be completely level, when there is a variation in the grade, or slope, of your yard you may observe some areas with gaping beneath the fence. If you have gaping with your current fencing or are concerned about gaping in a new installation talk to our team ahead of time. We can work with you to minimize this problem and have a more cohesive level above and below for your fence.

We understand that most of our clients are interested in getting their fence installed as soon as possible, however, it is important that the fencing you select is accepted and up to code for your neighborhood. Once our team has HOA approval for your specific project and have the necessary materials to complete your project we can schedule an installation time for your new fence. We will draft a contract that provides you with a scope of the project, timeline for completion, and costs- after everything is signed, we can begin.

We prefer to have some present the day of installation in order to go over the placement of the fence and work out any necessary details. Additionally, if you have pets in the yard or something needs to be moved in order for us to get the fence properly installed, having someone home can help to keep the project on track.

The required maintenance for your fence will largely depend on the material it is constructed from. For instance, vinyl fences are low maintenance and have UV-resistant additives that protect them from the sun and other outdoor conditions. Wood, metal, and chain link fences, while durable, tend to require more effort to maintain over time.

The team at Rojas Fencing accepts cash, check, and credit card for your fencing needs. We also offer financing options for those with approved credit. A 50% deposit when you sign a contract and the balance is due upon completion.

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