What Are The Cheapest Fences to Install?

Chainlink fences are the most affordable option for both residential and commercial properties. This is due to the low-cost materials and simple installation process. Listed below are some of the benefits to choosing the most affordable fencing for your residential or commercial property:

  • Increased Home Value: For some home buyers, security is everything, and a well-maintained, attractive chain link fence provides what they need and exponentially increases the value of the home. Others, especially buyers with young children or pets, may be more interested in efficiently keeping residents inside the fence: Chain link is considered the best type of fence for containing pets, and it provides a layer of security for children playing outdoors. In a home with a pool, a fence enclosing the pool provides extra security against accidents for which the homeowner would be liable. The relief of knowing that fence installation won’t be one of their first tasks as a homeowner can increase the value for these buyers in any area.
  • Improved Security: A chain link fence isn’t easy for humans to climb. It presents a visual challenge that is often enough to discourage intruders from even attempting to gain access, and if tall enough will prevent them from gaining access if they do try, protecting your home and belongings.
  • Low Maintenance and Easy Repair: Treated or coated to resist rust and corrosion, most chain link fences require nothing more than an occasional spray wash. Even when rust does appear, a quick hit with a wire brush and some sealant will take care of the problem. All the connections and joints are visible, so if damage does occur, it’s simple to reconnect the mesh to the posts or rails—or even replace a piece of mesh seamlessly without removing the rest. The biggest maintenance task will likely be removing vines that try to climb the links.
  • Improved and Customized Appearance: There are many stylistic and functional choices available when selecting chain link fencing. The precise combination of mesh and post materials, gauge, diamond size, and privacy elements, along with the style of gates and post caps, means that your fence will be uniquely customized to your specifications.
  • Easy Installation: Chain link installation is not complicated. If homeowners have the know-how and the yard is reasonably level, it can be a DIY project. When hiring professionals, it’s a quick job: Once the landscaping is clear, most crews will need a day to set the posts and another day or two to hang the fence. For those on a tight budget and tight timeline, chain link is an ideal option.
  • Durability: Even basic galvanized chain link can stand up well to the elements. Because of the open weave of the mesh, a chain link fence will not catch the wind as a solid fence will, so it is suitable for high wind conditions. Water can pass smoothly through the mesh without damaging the fence, making chain link ideal for locations where flooding is frequent. A properly installed chain link fence can hold up for more than 25 years, even in locations where the weather tests it on a regular basis.


Factors in Calculating Chain Link Fence Cost

Chain link fencing seems like a simple choice—many consumers assume there’s just one style, but that’s not actually true. Variations in height, gauge, finish, and other factors create different levels of security and very distinct appearances. This leaves a lot of room for creativity and cost savings; each decision can be made while balancing appearance, purpose, and budget until all three meet the buyer’s needs.

Height, Length, and Size: While the total linear footage of the area to be enclosed has the greatest effect on total cost, the height and overall size can also affect the cost. Chain link fencing is available in heights from 3 feet to 12 feet, though very tall fences are less common. Taller fencing is more expensive, and custom sizing, where two pieces of chain link are spliced together for a specific height, is even more costly. The size and shape of the fence can also affect the pricing: The price of a large fence can sometimes be reduced based on the bulk pricing of supplies, but custom-shaped fences around a small area can have an unexpectedly high cost because they require more posts and labor.


Affordable Fencing Installation Near Me

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