Can I Repair My Chain Link Fence?

Not only are chain link fences the most affordable to have installed on your property, these fences are also one of the simplest to repair whenever there is an issue. If you have a tree fall or develop a rusty patch on your chain link fence, you may want to replace a section of your fence. This can be done by simply removing the damaged section and patching it with more chain link mesh.

Some home owners may take this project on as a DIY home improvement, however, depending on the type of damage, it is safer and will yield your better results to work with a chain link fence repair specialist. We can safely remove the wire that has been damaged, then seamless patch the damaged area leaving you with excellent results.

How To Repair Chain Link Fence Fabric

On occasion, the chain link fence fabric (the metal mesh that stretches from post to post) can be the issue. Whether someone cut it to gain access, the weather took its toll, or a family of critters bent it up over the years, you’ll need to fix it.

Chain link fences are simply pieces of woven wire hooked together at the top and bottom, and removing damaged sections is as easy as removing a few pieces of wire.

Step One: Remove the damaged fabric

Find two points of fabric on either side of the damaged area. Use linesman’s pliers to straighten the hooked end of a wire at the top of the fence, as well as untwist the same wire at the bottom of the fence.

Then, simply unweave the wire by twisting it out of the fabric. Do this on both sides of the damaged fabric to remove it and save the removed wires.

Step Two: Size the replacement fabric

Use the damaged fabric as a guide for sizing the replacement fabric, leaving the replacement piece a link to two longer than necessary.

Remove this section from the roll of fencing by straightening a hook on a piece of wire, untwisting the bottom, and removing the wire from the fabric.

Step Three: Weave the new fabric in place

Loosely hang the replacement chain link fabric from the top rail using wire ties. Butt the replacement fabric against the existing fabric.

Using one of the wires removed in the previous steps, weave it through both sections of chain link fabric to link them together. Be sure to twist the bottom end of the wire with the existing fence and bend the hook shut at the top of the wire.

Stretch the fabric as much as possible and repeat the process on the other side of the replacement chain link mesh. Once woven into place, permanently secure the fabric to the top rails to complete the job. If there are any extra wires, unhook and remove them from the fabric.

With those steps, you’ll be able to repair almost any type of damage a chain link fence might sustain. Rest easy knowing your fence is back in prime condition, keeping your property safe and secure.

Affordable Fencing Installation Near Me

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