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Are you looking for a high quality custom fence on your residential or commercial property? If so, Rojas Fencing is here for you. Our contractors work with you to install and repair a wide variety of fences including wood fences, wrought iron fences, vinyl fences, and chain link fences.

Our Texas fence company not only provides quality work, we also pride ourselves on having the best customer service you can get from a local business. Schedule a free consultation to learn what it is going to take to get started on your new fence construction project.

Listed below are some key factors to consider when choosing to install a fence:

Security: A fence’s practical purpose is to provide protection. A new, functional fence adds a level of security to a home and makes it more difficult for individuals or animals to wander into your yard. This is especially important to enhance security around your back door. Fences can also shield your property from noise if they are tall enough, which is great for homes near busy streets. For this reason, people with pets and kids appreciate the safety and convenience of keeping their loved ones enclosed in a controlled area.

Multiple Convenience Factors: According to recent statistics, 68 percent of homeowners (85 million families) in the United States have a dog. If a person with a family dog has a choice between a house with or without a fence, he or she will most likely choose the property that offers the convenience of a fence. Having an enclosed outdoor space fits this persons lifestyle needs better and offers more options for daily pet care. For example, the individual doesnt have to walk his or her dog every morning on a leash, especially during inclement weather or when he or she is ill.

Young families also benefit from a secure fence. Children love to play outside, but it can be exhausting to keep little ones safe when they don’t know their boundaries well. It’s also much safer for kids to play in an enclosed space to protect them from strangers. Many parents will choose a house with a fence to keep their children safeguarded and allow them to play outside without needing to be constantly worried if they will run out of bounds.

A fence is also a critical component of your home’s landscaping. Coupled with beautiful foliage and a well-kept lawn, it makes the home look more complete. It also serves a practical function to define your property line. Nothing is more frustrating than having your neighbors’ kids or animals creep into your property line because it isn’t well-defined. A fence prevents this confusion.

Curb Appeal: Fences, aside from their many practical purposes, also just look good. Picture a home without a fence and another with a gorgeous, clean vinyl picket fence in its front yard. More often than not, the home with the fence is deemed more attractive. There are so many styles and types of fences out there that range from basic to luxury status. Any fence that is in good shape is sure to enhance your property’s curb appeal.

If you are interested in having a high quality fence installed around the perimeter of your residential or commercial property, reach out to the team at Rojas Fencing today.


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Are you a home or business owner that is looking to add security, value, and privacy to your property? If so, having a professional fence installed may be the exact solution for your needs. The team at Rojas Fencing offers the highest quality fencing services in the Greater Houston area.

We keep our pricing competitive without ever sacrificing the outcome of our completed fencing projects. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your total satisfaction. Reach out to our team today to learn more about your fencing installation and fence repair options and to begin the process of having a fence installed on your property.


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